Fire Jargen

Facing the emotional distress and physically damaging effects of a
house fire can be frightening. Many items in your home cannot be
replaced such as documents, photos, and treasured items. POWER DRY
understands this, we also understand that it is our duty to recover and
restore these items immediately as well as the structure of your

The Process

Our goal is to restore both the structure and environment of your home
and contents to a condition equal to or better in appearance as well as
cleanliness than before the unfortunate incident occurred.

Our certified fire and smoke restoration team is available 24/7
And will work seamlessly with your insurance company to
accommodate your unique situation, hear your concerns and
immediately proceed with a property restoration plan that is FAST
efficient and economically sound.

Smoke damage:

A small cooking fire, or a cigarette smoker can leave a

Odor that seems to permeate every square inch of your home, rental
property, or vehicle. Power Dry can remove this odor from deep within
fabric, and materials, restoring your home, rental property or vehicle
Into a vibrant wonderfully smelling environment that will bring
forgiveness to the perpetrating smoker, or absent minded cook who
caused the problem to begin with.


Indoor Air Quality




Water Damage

Flood Damage



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