Indoor Air Quality

Our bodies can be exposed to unwanted contaminates due to 3 various
factors, skin contact, eating, and most importantly breathing. Small particles, spores, pollen and
mold are measured on what is called a scale of micrometers known as MICRONS.

As an example
one single human hair is measured between 5 and 200 microns. Particles smaller than 10
Microns are in fact small enough to enter into our lungs and possibly enter from there into our
bloodstream. The affects caused by breathing certain Micronics can and have been related to
Reduced lung function, development of bronchitis. Even limited exposure to high levels of
contaminated Micronics can aggravate lung disease, cause asthma attacks as well as respiratory

Also in cases concerning individuals with heart disease short term exposure has been
associated with heart attacks. Another concern is the exposure to the fecal matter of a dust
mite. Where there are human beings, there are DUST MITES, how is this statement true?

dust mites’ #1 food source is, dead, dry, fallen human skin…. 10% of the weight of a 2 year old
pillow can be contributed to fecal matter produced by dust mites, imagine how many live in a
mattress that is 10 years old and has never been properly cleaned?How about a 20 year old
carpet that has not been regurlaly cleaned at least once a year by a trained professional? Have
you ever asked what a cobb web is made of? It is an old spider web filled with human skin
particles that have become airborne and caught in the abandoned net of an arachnid. The good
news is that we can protect our loved ones by being able to at least control the conditions
associated with our INDOOR air environment.

By cleaning and changing all Air filters (according
to the manufacturers recommendations), in our HVAC units, air purifiers, and humidifiers, we
can be assured we are doing everything possible to protect our family, also any items such as
clothing, sheets, and pillow cases properly cleaned and heated in a dryer hotter than 130
degrees will be free from dust mite feces and the high heat will kill them, as well as their
eggs…but is there more we can do? Yes…Call POWER DRY and lets evaluate the condition of
your indoor environment.

Power Dry can use industrial air exchange and purifying machines to
neutralize and contain particulates in the air. Also we can clean all porous materials with a pet
and human safe solution that kills dust mites and remove their fecal matter from your home.
We also can wipe non porous surfaces from top to bottom in every square inch of your home to
create an environment as clean as an operating room in a hospital. We will also set up a
maintenance plan for you to assure your home stays clean not only visually, but also


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