Microorganisms are too small to be seen by the human eye.
Mold is only one of several microbial threats that can affect the quality
of a person’s health and wellness when one is confined to a closed
living or working environment.

The Process

Because microbial growth is not
dependent upon sunlight to live and feed, they can reproduce in
staggering quantities behinds walls, and deep beneath and within
certain porous materials.

Small children, the Elderly, anyone with
breathing difficulties, and those who may be immune compromised will
face the biggest threat from these tiny unwanted pests. There is good
news, and some light at the end of this dark damp moldy tunnel…These
organisms all have one commonality…THEY REQUIRE A PARTICULAR
AMOUNT OF MOISTURE to become active, grow and reproduce.

So fear not….Power Dry is certified with the only nationally recognized
educational group in the U.S.A. the IICRC..who literally wrote the book
On restoration and remediation of environmental microbiology.

Dry’s highly trained technicians will perform a thorough evaluation of
your home or property to determine what steps will be necessary to
accommodate your unique situation.


How it Works

Step #1Contain the area where visible microbial growth is present.
Step #1
Step #2 Investigate the
source of moisture irrigating the microbial growth and STOP it.
Step #2
Step #3Remove compromised porous materials and apply our POWERFUL and
non-toxic plant based antidote to attack every last one of those
unwanted miniature vermin.
Step #3
Step #4Use an arsenal of high tech drying machines to FORCE DRY
damp and wet areas immediately and instantaneously.
Step #4
Step #5After our moisture sensors indicate we have reached what is called the DRY STANDARD we will again apply the same disinfectant to all areas within and all areas adjacent to the affected area.
Step #5


Indoor Air Quality




Water Damage

Flood Damage



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